Sommer Rentals

Prevent Problems in Renting
Begin by asking yourself these questions...

What kind of housing is available? How much can I afford to spend on rent? Where would I like to live?




Check all listings available. Pay your rent by check- on time too! Familiarize yourself with the termination provisions of your agreement. Then follow them!
Be sure you can handle the cost. Show respect for neighbors-- keep noise level down. Arrange a mutual clean-up time. Clean up everything well, leave nothing behind--ask landlord his expectations.
Think about location. Consider transportation, parking, safety, and shopping. Treat landlord's property with ownership care. Return Keys. Until you do, you still have possession and may be charged for rent.
Read your rental agreement completely. Any questions -- discuss with roommates and landlord. Don't abuse your parking privileges. Leave a written forwarding address.
Get changes in writing! Verbal promises sound good, but written documents provide proof of the promises. Make all maintenance requests in writing. Be specific about when to fix and how to enter your unit. Wait 21 days for security deposit. Landlord has that much time to return the full deposit, or send a Notices.
Use an Inventory Inspection Form. Landlord must give you one, you must fill it out and return it. Report any damages to landlord immediately.
Choose roommates carefully! Talk about expectations openly before you move in. A lease is a legally binding contract. If you want to leave early, talk to your landlord to find out the procedure and consequences.
Use a roommate contract. Spell out individual cost of rent, percentages of utilities, cleaning tasks, noise and visitor agreements. This is especially important when the lease doesn't cover it. Before subletting read the brochure on subletting to learn about your rights and responsibilities.
Don't wait to deal with problems. At first sign of conflict with roommates or landlord, GET HELP!

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